Upholstery Cleaning in Houghton

Upholstery Cleaning in Houghton


Expert Upholstery Cleaning in Houghton


If you have pets or kids, friends and family who are always visiting or simply are at home a lot, you know your upholstered furniture is getting used a lot. Dust, germs, food crumbs and stains can’t be avoided. In fact, in homes that have carpet, up to 80% of the dust and dirt brought into your home could end up in your upholstered fabrics and furniture. But you don’t have to accept the fact that your furniture is going to be dirty. The main reason you would hire a professional upholstery cleaner is that there are many stains you can’t remove yourself.

Special chemicals are needed to clean upholstery, chemicals that most people do not have. We at Unique Clean have experts in using the best chemicals to clean all kinds of furniture. Our team is trained to deodorize and protect after upholstery cleaning. By spraying our high-quality protector on your upholstered furnishings, we create an invisible barrier around the fibers. This improves resistance to dry soil, water-based stains, and daily wear and tear. And, our deodorizer neutralizes odors by eliminating them at their source. We take great pride in caring for your upholstery which is why all work is performed by trained and experienced professionals, using only the finest equipment and cleaning solutions.

How long will upholstery take to dry

The typical dry time for a couch after cleaning is anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. However, with the application of fans, the dry time can be cut in half or better. Some cleaners will bring in fans at the end of the cleaning to get the airflow started. This is a great way to speed up the dry times for upholstery.